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Target Persona for Ed-tech start up

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Elevate Insights defined the positioning platform for a higher education Ed-tech start-up looking to make a mark in a crowded and templated category.

Consumer, Target persona, Segmentation

Building an EdTech brand

Target persona, segmentation

Business Challenge: Existing Start up with Ready Product and Early Users – needed clarity on target personas, future marketing strategy given a highly competitive space

A small start-up providing short term higher education program was looking to identify their target group and their positioning platform for their existing and future offerings. The ed-tech category was seeing new launches every day and there was a lot of competitive heat. It was important to have a clear brand identity and roadmap

Role Of Brand In Life

Key Insights

We first mapped the target audience amongst corporate vs start-up early jobbers; technical vs business roles; MBA aspirants vs others.

  1. We could see how the dominant narrative was around long term material success and career and how that led aspirants to look for degrees from reputed accredited institute but we also picked up the vulnerabilities and fears that lurked behind this dominant code.

  2. We also studied the lure of the start-up world and what values it represented vs the traditional companies and career ladder.

  3. We found that the real strengths of our client’s product offerings beyond the fees and duration of course lay in the positive support system and real-life guidance and support they provided.

  4. Combining these insights, we could recommend clearly the core target audience profile and drivers that could create pull for our clients platform from amongst the larger audience. We could also recommend a new emergent positioning route that put them in a very positive, aligned to future of work. This route also provides them a broad runway for future offerings under the platform beyond the current program. We provided them the brand archetype as well to guide all communication of the brand.



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