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Human Cultural Persona Latent Needs
Human Cultural Persona Latent Needs

Human is our unique deep qualitative research toolkit that brings together the best practices from Ethnography, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioural science to get you rich System 1 insights that go beyond superficial responses. Its a discovery tool with versatile applications across  user personification, culture and category code exploration, latent needs, product feature and user journey, brand positioning and communication development.

New Product Launch, Innovation Research

PMF* is an innovation toolkit to explore and assess product to market fitment and identify opportunities to improve fit across product, communcation or pricing levers. It’s a set of  agile methodologies that combine qualitative and quantitative research to enable you to move from exploration to business idea development swiftly and efficiently versus the traditional multi-step, multi-study innovation testing processes.

New Product Launch, Innovation Research
Category and Brand Health Measurement
Category and Brand Health Measurement

AuDit is a set of Category, Brand, Performance assessment modules to help you quantify category drivers, usage penetration and frequency, and brand health. Our norms and brand life-stage based analytical approach enables you to diagnose KPIs and read into the relative performance and opportunity areas versus competitive players.

Behavioural Science A/B Testing

We have a first-of-a-kind one-stop behavioral science solution to enable  you

  • To study deeply ingrained behaviours at play impacting adoption for a product, app, service or brand.

  • Our Behavioral science team helps you frame and solution against this develop prompts to shift behavior.

  • Our  data and technology integrations help you validate these suggestions via A/B testing before you scale. 

Behavioural Science A/B Testing
AI enabled research


Discussion threads provide qualitative insights at quantitative scale. Best to get real time feedback on Design options, Advertising stimuli as well as product features.

AI enabled Emotion Tracking



We have seamless technology integrations to capture Eye and Face emotion both for long (trailers, movies) and short format content (advertising, concepts).

A/B testing and Experimental Design



We have 2 types of solutions for testing and refining your Website, Advertising, UI/UX options with deterministic real life impact.

Immersion Ethnography Qualitative Research



Deep qualitative research for exploring consumer life context and culture, decoding need-gaps and motivations, triggers and barriers, and to build-out early stage concept, product or business ideas.

Data Analytics Market Share Target Audience Hyperlocal Analytics



We leverage a 3mn+ validated database for market, competition and brand growth opportunities at a hyper local level for 80+ product categories across FMCG, Durables and Consumer tech.

Quantitative research mobile survey



Our large scale survey methodology leverages best-in-class quality
controls to provide robust quantitative assessments and sampling.


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