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to get you started to Unlock Growth 

 Understand your target audience, define your Total Addressable Market (TAM).  We have put together some ready reckoners to aid you in this journey towards Product-Market-Fitment and Scale-up

One of the first questions people face on this journey is defining their Target Audience. There are multiple ways to define your audience in terms of income levels, consumer expenditure and socio economic class. We have put together a set of resources here 

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Here are some data points on Indian markets. The estimates provide a perspective on size of market  here.   To further map catgeories in terms of penetration and frequency of usage or brand share, we can help you audit your category. 

Product Market Fit is not just a stage in the growth of a startup but rather an iterative journey crucial for the success of any innovation.  Do you know where you are on this journey? Click  here to  find out. 


To define your target audience by category behaviour, deeply decode the drivers for your category and validate your Product Market fit; in-depth secondary research from third party sources and primary research with consumers is important to unlock growth.


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