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Screwdriver Set

pMF- Product Market Fit Research Tool kit for Start-Ups

Pre Launch/Launch Stage
Consumer Preferences, Characteristics
Product Idea Fitment
Market Mapping
App Usability & Design

We bring in experience of working for the best unicorns and MNCs  but we are also a start-up and understand your needs.

Key Features 

1.Modular  (pick and choose any one or a whole suite of services)

2.Agile   (2 days-2 week turnarounds)

3.For every budget   (services start from INR 20,000- INR 2L)

Expert Consultations
Survey Writing
Data Collection

Consultations on business plan, PMF, Marketing Strategy

Research design survey or depth interview design

Digital/Offline research as per your needs.


Qualitative or quantitative analysis.

End to end delivery

Comprehensive reporting on your MR questions.

Find out more

Email us at or call at +91-9910086315
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