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How we will help you unlock growth?
Problem Definition
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Are you facing a challenge or looking to grow but not sure of how to move forward? Having worked as an Consumer insights and strategy experts, we work with Founders, Product and Business leaders, Marketing & Insights professionals to diagnose the key issue. We mine your existing internal and external data to sharply articulate the business problem and define next steps towards unlocking growth. Sometimes, it just needs engagement with internal stakeholders and asking you the right questions to clarify the brief. This is a key and important step.  Lack of clarity of the key problem to solve impacts the quality of any information your collect and its ability to help you move forward towards winning decisions.

Research Approach
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Many a times you know the problem to solve but don’t know the best way to design the research; which method may be most appropriate to answer your business questions. How much sample size is enough? How should we prioritize the markets to cover in the market research? What is the minimum sample size to ensure a robust research? What is the best way to collection data? Do we need multiple data sources?


With our knowledge of various data collection techniques such as quantitative surveys, qualitative research; online vs face-to-face data collection, social listening vs primary research etc we can not only guide you to the most appropriate methods but also help you with the most agile and actionable research design, given your business questions and context.

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We help you save money and time through our agile solutions. There is often a trade-off on depth of work, speed and cost of work.  Our client report savings of 30-50% on market research costs while actually enabling better and faster decision-making.  We optimize research method and design to get you not just high quality results but ensure timely answers.

Proprietary Tools & Techniques

Market Research and Consumer Insights has traditionally been a people-dependent business. Working with large global networks or big brands also does not guarantee actionable insights. If you are lucky to get a good project leader or know someone with past experience, you get good results else its Garbage-in-Garbage-Out (GIGO).  We have faced this issue first-hand as long time users of market research data even at unicorns such as Swiggy and a global company like PepsiCo, even when working with well-known brands. Hence, at Elevate Insights, we have invested significant time and energy to create proprietary techniques such as specific discussion guide probes or projective techniques  and specific survey questions which provide rich data and reduce dependence on people’s ability to get the best outcomes.


We leverage framework derived from human psychology, cultural evolution and strategy such as Abraham Maslow’s theory of human motivations; the cultural work done by Edgar Schein’s on organizational culture; Porter’s 5 C model and the Brand archetypes and the story framework by Joseph Campbell amongst many others

Actionable Insights

Elevate Insights regularly publishes thought-leadership on consumer behavior and marketing strategy. We bring a sound analytical framework to every business problem based on best-in-class global academic work, strategy and marketing constructs. Further we bring on board deep knowledge of the consumer dynamic of emerging markets like India to read any research data. Having a strong understanding of the Indian technology industry and key issues such as product adoption, market-fitment, and retention and hands-on experience of solutioning with product, marketing and business leaders ensures actionable outcomes from every piece of market research for our clients. This is our core strength. Further, our team comprises of insight miners who are not just trained in qualitative and quantitative research but can comfortably glean insights from all types of data. We often use mix-method tools and best-practices to further enrich our projects

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