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Brand & Marketing Research & Strategy for a healthtech brand

An  existing health-tech start up was getting good response from its current customers but low conversion among new users. They wanted to decode the consumer triggers & barriers, validate the key business thesis and understand opportunities around its market execution. Elevate Insights was able to translate the brief to an efficient research design and arrive at a unified positioning and market execution to aid in easy scale up across different cities. 




Pathaan: 5 lessons on the Indian Consumer

Pathaan has been a blockbuster hit appealing to a wide range of audiences. Beyond the mass appeal of the film and it’s actors, there are some interesting lessons to take away for marketers and businesses alike. As human and culture experts we decode some insights into the aspirations of Indians today, as well new learnings for businesses.

Winning via 'Healthier' propositions

Health is a big consumer need. But what does healthier mean for the Indian consumer? Why are some of the F&B healthier propositions not doing as well as would be expected? How can we win by solving for key health related needs of the Indian consumer?

Healthy Food



Leveraging  Brand Assets

Are we limiting our brands into manufacturer led category definitions? 

Brands connect with consumers at a deeper emotional level and transcend categories. Understanding brand semiotic codes can help us find new growth avenues leveraging the current brand assets, and not get restricted into current technology or manufacturing formats.

In this thought-leadership piece, we study the soft drink category and talk of the opportunity Brand Pepsi has to redefine youth cool and keep growing its franchise!



Grabbing Attention vs Brand Love

It is completely acceptable to define brand salience as the key campaign objective! After all, it is possible to communicate brand benefits via other means and use advertising to meet brand salience goals. The case in point is perhaps the Rahul Dravid Cred advertising. The company betted on the fact that if the advertising makes the intended audience curious enough, they would look-up the product online.


Beauty Products
Launch Strategy for D2C Brand 

Elevate Insights guided a start-up looking to break through in the skin care and nutraceuticals category. Our agile market research toolkits provided sharp insights into the category drivers and opportunities to sharpen product-market fit. We answered all key questions to define the launch marketing-mix leveraging our Human Toolkit.

App Screens


Improving Retention

Worried about staying top-of-mind and driving conversion and repeats?

According to an HBR report, repeat customers spend 33 percent more than existing ones and a 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to at least 25 percent increase in profits.

However, in our effort to remain top-of-mind, we may be doing more harm to the brand than helping increase transactions or improve retention. How do we leverage existing category habits and consumer behavior to ensure the right frequency, tonality and personalization of content?


Indian Couple
The Changing Gender Codes 

Are your brands choosing the right influencers? Is your brand persona and marketing communication in line with the emergent codes?   

In line with the changing social norms around work, childcare, and nuclear households we see a change in societal codes around masculine and feminine role models.  Women are increasingly required to be assertive & have a voice while the men are expected to be in touch with their nurturing side, while being confident in their masculinity. We see the impact across their beauty, grooming and lifestyle choices.

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Delivery at home
Quick Commerce  Survey

Is 10 min delivery really a consumer need? Elevate Insights conducted a survey with online consumers ot understand their core expectations from quick commerce. 


Trust drivers for D2C brands

Are D2C brands preferred over legacy brands? What are the drivers of consumer trust, quality and value for money? What are the levers that D2C brands are pulling effectively? Are there any common drivers or is each category a game to be played by its own rules?


Find out our learnings on drivers of trust for D2C.


Remote Working


Target Persona for Edtech startup

Elevate Insights defined the positioning platform for a higher education start-up looking to make a mark in a crowded and templated category.



Innovation Growth Path
for Tata Consumer Products

Elevate Insights charted the 3 year innovation roadmap for the RTD beverages portfolio at Tata Consumer Products and continues to work with them to define the marketing mix for the new innovations.


Mastering Customer Experience

Is investing in a consumer experience team same as building a consumer-centric culture. What is consumer empathy?

In this article, we bust 5 key myths that sometimes act an obstacle provide some tips on how to build a consumer-first culture that can unlock profitable growth.

Online Class


Pre-launch Assessment

Elevate Insights helped a leading Edutech player to identify unmet needs of their core consumer and to further ascertain product market fit of their new innovation targeted to meet these needs.

Watching TV at Home


Measuring Creativity

In the cluttered environment of today, many marketers are happy with advertising that is able to garner attention. Could we be greedy and ask for more?

How do we understand if a creative is right for our marketing goals? We present a simple 3 point framework to evaluating advertising.

Its always easier to sieve the rotten tomatoes while differentiating between good vs truly memorable advertising can be tricky.

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