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Business Challenge- Existing health tech startup in the space of Diabetes reversal had a very good response from existing users but low conversions amongst new buyers. 

Task for Elevate Insights -

The brief articulated key questions around decoding consumer triggers and barriers, validating key hypothesis around the business and understanding opportunities around its marketing execution.

Translating brief to project design

  • Given that it was a brand looking to scale we diagnosed the key issue to be around understanding the brand and its position in the market. 

  • This would help us derive not just the marketing strategy but prioritize and finetune product-market fit as well.

  • We conducted in-depth investigations amongst users & non-user using our proprietary toolkit

  • We focused on unravelling unmet consumer needs and category dominant codes. 

  • We also tried to understand the inherent brand DNA vs category, competition. This was done as a mix of consumer work but equally a semiotic study of the category and stakeholder immersions with the core team.

Mrkt journey.png
Marketing Journey

Key Insights Outcomes

  • There was a big gap in consumer belief systems and category dominant codes. This meant that existing triggers were not working well and there were a whole set of unaddressed barriers.  We could clearly articulate these barriers and recommend course of action to tackle both using the BUDGE and Health Model frameworks. 

  • The size of the problem as well as relevance of the solution required tweak in the product offering itself. We recommended a route to product fitment.

  • The brand positioning and marketing execution needed to pivot completely given the premium product offering. We detailed out the positioning space, the brand archetype as well marketing route that would work given the target audience, the product profile and most importanty the core brand DNA.

  • We could also recommend the differentiating attributes to highlight and provided some deep consumer insights in the area of diet and scientific nutrition vs tradition belief systems as a strategic advantage

BUDGE (Behavioural Nudges) Model

Position for Scale

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