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Business Challenge: Identifying Product Improvement Opportunity;  Validate for Product-Market Fitment

An Edtech unicorn wanted us to understand unmet needs around school tuitions to identify new product opportunity.

Following our recommendation, they designed a new product and they wanted us to measure the likelihood of in-market  success of this new initiative and  recommended any improvement areas and provide insights into likely market and communication cues. 



Key Insight Areas

  • We surveyed areas of satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction with school and tuition with both tuition users and non-users.  We looked at role of that subject in the student long term and short term goals. We could also measure current proficiency levels of the subject. 

  • For validating the in-market opportunity we leveraged our proprietary toolkit to assess potential of a business idea. This toolkit allowed us to measure interest in purchasing product at different price points; key improvement areas with benchmarks to read scores and questions specific to adoption of consumer-tech products.

  • We provided sharp insights on product enhancement and target audience relevance. 

Innovation - Finding Product - Market Fit

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